CITYPOD Commercial Rotating Composter

CITYPOD makes ideal food waste local composting for schools, universities, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, correctional centers, multi appartment buildings, food court, residential areas or dining halls.


NORASYSTEM® Catalyst Odor Destroyer

Phodé invented the first true odor destroyer: NORASYSTEM®. Amazingly effective against the main sources of bad odors, NORASYSTEM® naturally converts malodorous molecules into inert, non-toxic salts.


COMPOSTING - Municipal Turnkey Solutions

Taking over the municipal composting with local resources is promoting eco-economy and streamline the costs of waste treatment. Vertal offers complete turnkey solutions.


Complete adapted composting solutions

Odor Mastering System, Organic Waste Shredders, Bin Lifts, Food Waste Audit Services, Composting Training Sessions, Compost Professional Support on Complete Local Food Waste Treatment Methods. Vertal, Composting It's in Our Nature



Vertal commits to simple odorless composting solutions.

Simply convert on site your own food waste into a rich value compost fertilizer.

Composter questions?

Vertal composting methods are easy pleasant and cost efficient.

Contact us and see how the Vertal composters fit your local composting needs, your environment and your budget.

Is your composting method bringing you suspiscious odors? Vertal has the perfect solution for you.

Get the facts about the ways to successfully compost locally in respect of nature and neighbours. Reach Vertal and smell for yourself, it has never been easier to compost locally.

Get your composter at the right price.

Vertal composters clients may often benefit from financial support incentive from local environmental programs. Contact Vertal to get more details about composter price and financial incentive programs.